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Episode 11 - Top 5 Missed Disneyland Experiences

Welcome everybody to another episode of the Disney Time Podcast! We started off the episode talking about Earl of Sandwich coming back for a limited time, as well as some of the new restaurants coming to Downtown Disney pretty soon. If you want to read about the Earl of Sandwich, click on this link!

I also mentioned in the episode that I clicked on an article about Salt & Straw, the new ice cream parlor coming to Downtown Disney. For the full scoop on this new ice cream parlor, please click here!

Our episode featured some articles we read from Werner Weiss' website, Click here if you're interested in learning more about the history of Disneyland/Disney World as he has compiled a lot of articles and stories about things that you don't see anymore at the parks.

If you haven't taken a listen to the episode yet, you can do so in the embed player below, or if that doesn't work, please click this link for the episode!

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