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Episode 1 - Welcome to Disney Time

Pixar Fest (Disneyland Entrance)

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Disney Time podcast! Today we have your hosts Micha & Nelson talking all things Disney. We start talking about our Disney Fandom history and move onto Pixar Fest at Disneyland!

Episode 1 Notes for those who have listened to the Podcast:

-The new Adventureland area will be called "The Tropical Hideaway" where you'll be able to "rub elbows" with skippers and adventurers. There is no confirmation about alcohol in this location. -The rumor of alcohol in the park stems from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge where the cantina is rumored to have alcohol. This has not been confirmed. -The hatbox ghost was originally in the attic scene but was removed shortly after cast previews due to the effect failing. It made its return in its current position in 2015.

Check out some pictures from Nelson's recent trip to Pixar Pier (All pictures courtesy of Nelson):

Pixar Pier Lit up at night

Pixar Pal Around

Toy Story Midway Mania

Pixar Promenade

Anger's Angry Dogs Stand

Incredicoaster Fountain

A view from the launch bay of Incredicoaster

The entrance to Incredicoaster

Welcome to Pixar Pier

The Incredibles archway

Also take a look at this video Nelson took while riding Incredicoaster:

Take a listen to Episode 1 below and subscribe to the podcast!

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